Honey Bee - Spring Fling KidLit Contest

This year's Spring Fling Kidlit Contest asked writers to pick any spring-themed gif and write a story for children 12 and under in 150 words or less. Here's my entry, 123 words featuring two of my favorite things, honey bees and California poppies!


By Cheryl MacAller

Honey bee,

honey me,

Moving flower to flower

Striped bodies flying, flitting, gliding

Gathering by the hour

Comb and brush,

wing and hush

Their baskets fill with pollen

Bright specks of orange, white and yellow

They hear the sweetness callin’

Darting, dipping,

zooming, sipping

‘Till every flowers’ tasted

Then back to their family they fly

Without a moment wasted

Golden walls,

golden halls

Buzz welcome as they arrive

Winging, singing, with back legs swinging

Baskets emptied for the hive

Wiggle dance,

waggle trance

A map the bees are makin'

To fields of poppies, orange and sweet

With pollen for the takin’

Resting, sighing,

new bees flying

Out and home again they go

Serving their hive and sisters and queen

Helping their family grow

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