"A Sweet Gift for Mama" - 2021 Spring Fling Entry

I can't believe the Spring Fling Contest is already back for another year. Time seems to fly by. The rules of the contest are to create a children's story of 150 words or less inspired by a spring gif. My story A GIFT FOR MAMA is inspired by this insanely adorable spring puppy image and comes in at a cool 5 words under 150. Enjoy!


by Cheryl MacAller

I found it!

I spent all day long running through the garden, but I found it!

This is the most beautiful flower in the entire world! It will make the perfect gift for my mama.

She will keep it forever. Forever and ever. She will sniff it and lick it and sleep with it every night because it is so beautiful.


Mmmm, this beautiful flower tastes sweet.


Mmmm, this beautiful flower tastes very sweet. There are so many petals. I should trim one off so it looks tidy.


Maybe just one more petal.

Nibble nibble.

Now it looks uneven. I should probably trim off a few more.

Nibble nibble nibble……crunch!

Oh no!

“Mama mama! I wanted to bring you a gift.…”

Nuzzle. Lick.

“Oh my sweet boy, you brought me a gift of rosy kisses. I love the smell of roses!”

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